Man gives birth

A man today gave birth in a hospital on Staten Island, NY. The baby boy weighed in at just over eight pounds and is doing well. The parents were naturally overjoyed at the birth of their first son, and have have said they hope to have a large family.

Father Ted, 34, conceived using a new method known as paternatility whereby the fertilised embryo is transferred to the father's body at an early stage. It is believed that this method reduces many of the risks of childbirth.


Breaking news: Reports are coming in of a fire in a barn somewhere in Arizona. Our sources say the barn is very likely to burn to the ground and will not be economically viable to repair.

A bystander is reputed to have said "There was quite a lot of smoke"

SFON Launch Party report

Yesterday has already gone down in history as the day the best news site on the web first hit the Internet. Just to prove the point, there was a star-studded party last night at a secret location in Seattle.

Joining our team for a boogie were several A-list celebs who wish to remain anonymous.

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